Joey Salcone – College Bound congratulates your success!

JoeyJoey Salcone started with College Bound in its founding year 2010. He continued with the program each year, gaining college knowledge and receiving guidance form the program. In August 2016 Joey excitedly entered college sharing these words about his experience with College Bound in his recent interview. “Where do I begin. Enlightening. There were so many things I had to do to get ready for college. A lot of the kids I knew in high school had no clue about steps to take. It definitely helped. One thing that changed was what I wanted to do; when we went to Paz de Cristo for example. I wanted to help other people. My experience with College Bound helped me make a path forward. It motivated me and helped to keep me on track. Now I can do things for myself. I had everyone doing things for me as a kid. College Bound gave me a discipline because it was a step-by-step approach; now I can apply that to college. I would never have gotten to college without it.”