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Jr. RISE Scholars

Finis Origine Pendet

The End Depends Upon the Beginning

We start College Bound AZ in the 8th grade because the best way to predict the future is to create it.

8th Grade

In 8th grade we plant the seed for a low income student’s future by partnering with schools to offer instruction on the 6-Step Critical Path to CollegeTM. Teachers offer the lessons prepared by College Bound AZ on college and career readiness topics. Books and supplies are provided by College Bound AZ to support the classroom.  Every classroom supported creates a cohort we can track into college.


 6 Step Critical Path to College poster

Resume & Service

Each topic will be a part of their college prep work throughout high school.  We develop students' academic and personal potential through experiential learning and career association.  Students complete a resume reflective of the college and career tasks completed. These include community service, career selection completion and an education map that shows the student the high school classes needed to achieve the selected career.

For more information on a junior high program for your school, contact us.
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