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Our Approach

Paving a Path

College Bound AZ removes barriers students face that make college unattainable. Low income students are 20% less likely to go to college than their more affluent peers.

6-Step Critical Path to College TM

  • Maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average or higher

  • Take college prep classes, including dual enrollment and AP classes

  • Volunteer, do extracurricular activities, and summer programs

  • Take the PSAT and ACT/SAT tests

  • Complete essays, resumes, letters of recommendation and resumes

  • Complete college, financial aid, and scholarship applications

8th Grade

Teachers use lesson plans and activities prepared by College Bound AZ on college and career readiness as the basis for a club. Students join who feel college is in their future and have a seed planted at a critical time in their social development. A year-long calendar, T Shirts, classroom supplies and coaching provided by College Bound AZ are an additional support.

High School

Our 5-year program RISE Scholars (Reaching Impact through Student Excellence) is a collaboration with Arizona State University and the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) for low-income students.   RISE Scholars commit to ASU in high-demand degree programs to create a pipeline for our local workforce:  Engineering,  Business, Information Technology, Psychology, Teaching, and health services professions. 


College Bound AZ tracks with its cohorts into college for check ins and professional development to ready them for the workplace. Through college completion low-income students are empowered in a way that impacts future generations.

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Only 18.5% of AZ low-income students complete college.  Help us graduate more talent.

Food and Hygiene Product Distribution

Community college students face unique challenges in college. We assist students by stocking the food pantry with items from a local food bank. Care Kits prepared by College Bound AZ include hygiene items needed by the community college’s homeless population. These are also available at the food pantry.

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