Brenda Santiago

Our workshops and events help your student prepare themselves for that important transition to college, including getting scholarships. They also learn business skills in the process like preparing your resume, interview skills, preparing presentation, public speaking, and networking.


  • $1,000 Equivalent. Each year a limited number of laptops are provided to students who complete the required submission packet.
  • $1,000 Cash. Each year one student will receive the Jo Wilson Scholarship based on their community spirit and leadership.

1-on-1 Mentors

Parents who were surveyed valued this service provided by College Bound AZ over all others. Our mentors are trained on the college-going process and provide valuable insights and guidance to move your student forward.

Parent Classes

  • Each year in October parents are offered a 2 hour class to understand what your student faces in getting to college. You provide the most important and effective motivation to your student. These basics will help you share in their journey.

Parent Stories

Ray Martinez