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AZ Charitable
Tax Credit

Give a charitable donation that assists hardworking families with education and job skill training.

AZ donors can receive a tax credit after January 1, 2019 when they make a contribution to College Bound AZ.  Donations through workplace giving campaigns are also eligible for tax credit.

 When you donate to College Bound AZ you:


  • help provide college scholarships, job coaching and job placement services to over 5,200  low-income students and families.

  • help over 2,000 low-income and homeless college students each month receive food and hygiene supplies to stay in school.

  • help opportunity youth create a brighter future.

  • help break the cycle of poverty for families.


Your donation helps others achieve a brighter future through higher education.

Helpful AZ Charitable Tax Credit Questions and Answers are available online at

Valley of the Sun United Way.  Email us at or call 602-550-3161 with any additional questions.  We will happily accept your generous donation.

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